Quarantine Pampering

Quarantine Pampering : Here are a few things I am loving in quarantine that I never made time for before. (Thank you old Fab Fit Fun and Birch Box subscriptions for the inspo)

I love myself. Most of the time I show my love to my family more than I do myself. Tell me if this sounds familiar... are you willing to forego yet another shower to make sure your children are happy, healthy, and well fed. (overacheiver!) After days of being in the same house, likely the same clothes, and therefore living in my own stink without the fresh breeze of playground air to blame it on the passing dog, I am needing some pampering. We all deserve a little me-time and now is just the time to indulge. So I am taking care of myself. Hopefully, we all are. I’m finding myself during quarantine and lemme tell you... I am awesome.
  1. Teeth whitener - I keep these in my fridge and bust out 1-2 every few months when I feel like my teeth have a “I binged on coffee” look to them. I.e. now! They come in a pack of 10 so they have lasted me forever and they are VERY strong. Hence the only needing 2 at a time.... unless you want to look like Ross from friends.
  2. Chem peel - I had a baby chemical peel before shelter in place orders were given. I loved it. I was hooked... so of course I scoured the internet and found one that I could do at home that didn’t scare me. Chemical peels you do with an aesthetician can only be done about 2x a month. This one is minor (I.e. not scary without a pro around) and can be done up to 8x a month or 2x every week! I also have THIS ONE on my radar (thanks Amanda!) once I gear up courage to go for a "salon strength" peel. This one has been personally tested by my friend, I just need to find my own courage! 
  3. Juice cleanse - I had never done one before, but I am now on round 2 of a 3 day cleanse during this time at home and it is now going to be a staple in my life. It resets your relationship to food and helps you realize when you are hungry vs just wanna munch on something. Anyone else hitting the pantry snacks hard this quarantine? I swear, I’ve gone through a caseeeee of popcorn. This juice cleanse is not an all or nothing thing. I prefer a juice (actually 4 juices) during the day and then was able to enjoy in a healthy dinner with the fam at night. Honestly it was fantastic and I rarely felt deprived. I got o my local Denver juicery for convenience. Until I find one that I trust that ships, I;d suggest googling what is near you.
  4. Face mask - I am not a beauty expert, but rotating between these has made my skin feel great. I think of Sunday night at "Skincare Sunday" to I can start the week off refreshed... not like thats any different than Thursdays right now, but it gives me a schedule so whatev. So one week I do a charcoal mask and the next I do a super moisturizing/brightening mask
  5. Home workout - Admittedly I have NOT done this every day. Is it due to the Legos on the floor where I would normally workout at home? Is it from being spent after going on 16 walks a day? Not sure, but I do know on the days that I actually do squeeze a workout in I feel like a better mom. I had my me time and I'm able to better focus on their needs without wanting to smack their cute little faces off. Beachbody is currently my fave workouts. (My coach's profile is linked here!) Yes, beachbody has an annual fee, but the commitment to yourself is unmatched. I thrive on a challenge and a check list and this gives me that. Other ones that I have found online that I dabble in are YOGA, HIIT, or sometimes I try a simple list from PINTEREST because I don't have to stare at a screen to get this done. 
  6. Water flosser - This was TERRIFYING when I first got it. The power behind this stream is akin to a fire hose. After weeks of trial and error, I have found the secret.... shower! Step in the shower where you can spit and dribble! Next, simply put it inside your very sensitive mouth and try not to scream. Not scary at all (ha!). at least your dentist (if we ever see them again) will thank you. ❤️
  7. Fancy face lotion - I love this stuff. It's stupid expensive, but honestly so so luxurious. I don’t really have much to say other than I like putting a cloud on my face that smells good every night. 
  8. Mindful Mamas App - This app is incredible. Gives you a moment to breath and reconnect. Help manage anxiety and stresses of motherhood and we ALL know that is heightened right now. They are offering a 1-week free trial so you can see what you think. Run a bath, light a candle, meditate. Or just do this app while you are on your one solo bathroom break of the day. Either way, give yourself a moment.  
  9. Read a book. Yup, I said it. Take a moment without a screen at the end of the day. I PROMISE you will sleep better. I say this from my high horse, but I'm still renting books from the library and reading them on my iPad soooo... pot:kettle. Regardless, reading a book tires me out and I fall asleep quicker than getting sucked into yet another Netflix show and staying up until 3am on accident. 
  10. Tik tok - I am challenging my mind and body to learn a new dance periodically. So far it has been super fun... and time consuming. What used to take me 15 minutes to learn now takes 60 minutes of me telling my head to communicate with my limbs. Slowly but surely, everyone plays nice and it comes together. 
  11. Alcohol - How is this taking care of myself you ask? Well, I went the first month of quarantine without drinking and lemme tell you.... bed time with a drink is way more enjoyable. Here are a few of my fave concoctions. 
    1. Wine.
    2. Beer.
    3. Gin fizz - froth the egg with this "whipper" and it is so creamy and yummy
    4. Lemon Drop Martini
    5. Grapefruit Mojito with a Twist
Moral of the story? Moms are amazing. We are all juggling so much right now. You would think that staying home would be easier than filling the schedule with school and activities... you would be wrong. Staying home 24/7 is very hard. Give yourself a moment for you to feel pampered each day. Investing in yourself doesn't have to be getting your MBA online in your free time like Jessica. It can be carving out 5 minutes while you pretend to have IBS. 

Here are a few more bonus things I INTEND to give a go, but haven't been able to prioritize. If you have any product or idea suggestions, comment below! 
  1. Hair mask - I’m pretty plain Jane with hair. I would love to have some sort of routine outside of 2-3 washes a week. 
  2. I just got this amazing book of puzzles for my birthday. I intend to wake up and challenge my mind over a cup of coffee before the little gremlins wake up.
  3. At home fake nails - I have these, but I have not used them yet. They are staring at me every time I stand at my sink. My previously dip manicured nails are breaking off in painful ways so I’m worried putting more nails on will just be torture to my fast-typing fingers. 
Can't wait to hear what you think. Comment below, DM me, or share what you decide to try and tag @deenadventures.


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