Travel Adventures

Prior to being a family of 3 (or 4!) my husband Toby and I traveled as much as we could. Sometimes we were lucky enough to travel domestically or internationally with work and we would tack on a fun adventure to the tail end. Here are some of our adventures.

Before you dive in, when traveling we are interested in getting to know the city or country we are in via good food, museums or tours. I love to max every day to its fullest, while Toby likes to have no more than one thing planned a day so there is plenty of time to relax. We have both learned to compromise.

April 2018 - Hawaii
July 2017 - Colorado

January 2018 - Philippines

September 2016 - Dubai Babymoon
August 2016 - Alaska Babymoon

March 2015 - Stockholm  -  Ice Hotel & Northern Lights  -  Berlin  -  London

January 2015 - Cairo, Egypt
December 2014 - Red Sea Scuba Diving
December 2014 - Istanbul

November 2014 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

October 2014 - Escondido, CA

August 2014 - Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand


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