100 things to do with your kids during quarantine

Ok. Here’s 100 things to do with your kids. And a few links to help.. Good luck. God speed. 

If you decide to participate in any of these awesome suggestions, please use the hashtag #DanielleDaredMe so I can share them in my stories on @deenadventures and because it will truly make my day. A few of my fave activities are labeled TOP 5 AWARD ⭐️ . Highly suggest trying these out!!
  1.  Wash Hands Activity is brought to you by @dylbug_ and it is PERFECTION for these circumstances - TOP 5 AWARD! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 
  2. While you are learning proper hygiene, might as well do this brush your teeth activity too! Bonus : ask Alexa to “play chompers”
  3. Play with shadows and flashlights. So simple. So fun. Flashlight multipack on amazon here! 
  4. Flashlight tag! 
  5. Build a fort. Let them read in it, sleep in it, whatevs. 
  6. Put up camping stuff in the backyard and day camp. Or night camp if it’s warm where you are!
  7. Paint the fence... with water. Easiest, longest activity to date and great for all ages. Try mixing chalk into the water if you want to “tint the pain.” -  TOP 5 AWARD! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 
  8. Bake chickpea blondies with your kids. Let them measure, let them shake, let them stir. Get messy! Who cares? You have the next million days to clean. Plus you should consider wiping down your whole house anyway....
  9. Bake this s’mores thing from Lauren Ott, The Dessert Dietician. Also read her insta posts. She’s funny.
  10. Color old clothes with old markers. Use up all those random boxes of art material you have.
  11. Draw a road map or streets onto your shirt and lay down... give the kids some toy cars, they will know what to do. - TOP 5 AWARD! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 
  12. Create a rainbow book. First page red, next page orange and so on. On each page, cut out things of that color and glue to that page. You have now created a rainbow! 🌈 
  13. Let the kids wear each others clothes.... and then your clothes.
  14. Build a castle out of saltine crackers and peanut butter. And then eat it.
  15. Bust out your wedding albums and see if they recognize people. You, your hubby, grandparents, aunties. 
  16. Put clean non-breakable kids dishes in the dishwasher and show them how to put them away. Or you can actually wash the dishes, but this is way easier.
  17. Draw faces on plates and play emotions charades. Act out a scenario and ask your kid “how do you think I feel right now?” And then switch. You can do this without plates too. Just do exaggerated emotional faces and have the kids guess how you feel. Excellent game for when in a restaurant or traveling too.... when not in quarantine of course. TOP 5 AWARD! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 
  18. Have more paper plates and dont know what to do with them? Living for Sunshine does! Paper Plate Dino Activity here you come!
  19. Wrestle.
  20. Play “wrestling” with your kids stuffed animals or figurines.
  21. Dance party!!! Alexa, play gummy bear. Alexa, play dance party. Alexa, play Jump Around.
  22. Ask Alexa to “play animal workout” because you AND your kiddo will have fun with this one! Especially if you show them how to interact with Alexa and respond to her when she asks questions. TOP 5 AWARD! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 
  23. Build legos to the ceiling. Literally. Orrrr more likely, the width of the room. 
  24. Cut holes in a box and bam! Your kid has a clubhouse. Bring in all the blankets and loveys and books. Most important rule, no moms allowed!
  25. Watch a movie. Frozen 2 is on Disney+... just sayin.
  26. Act out movie scenes. Pick a movie and watch just a scene of it and reinact it with kids.
  27. Make a noise maker with a used toilet paper roll (assuming you have any) and cellophane and coins and tape of any kind. We always have painters tape on hand. Painters Tape on Amazon
  28. Put on a concert. Kitchen utensils and pots and pans are fair game if instruments aren’t around. We have our instruments hidden so I don’t go mad, but if you want to curse your household with headache inducing toys as well, here is our faves on amazon. Classic wooden
  29. Make a music video. Not just a concert, but actually video tape it. What is it with kids and watching themselves on your phone? 
  30. Make a news broadcast. Be sure to cover sports, traffic, weather, etc. Again, video tape the kids. They LOVE watching the playback. 
  31. Family yoga. Not only individual moves, but work on balance. Sit down in pike position, can your kiddo stand on your thigh... without holding onto your head. 
  32. Obstacle course! Use pillows and chairs and laundry baskets. Create a course and then time your kids! Then see if they can beat their time. Repeat until bed time. 
  33. Write letters to grandparents
  34. Draw pictures to mail to cousins.
  35. Watch PJ Masks for 873rd time.
  36. Dress up as favorite characters.
  37. Get a baking sheet, put some (a lot of) whipped cream on it. Give to child. See what happens! Oh yea... put towel under child with whipped cream. Feel free to add in toppings!
  38. Let kiddo do your make up. And theirs.
  39. Draw henna tattoos on your feet. With henna... or paint. Or markers.
  40. Cut ribbons! Obviously kid safe scissors is key... but ribbons or paper or trash, all is fair game!
  41. Bake chocolate chip cookies to give to neighbors to help them stay positive! And of course save some for yourself. I have tried a LOT of recipes and this is my all time fave.
  42. Make homemade play dough!
  43. Really step your game up with homemade SLIME  It’s only 3 ingredients people! That’s my kinda recipe.
  44. Ok, 3 ingredients is too much for you? Fine, how about a science experiment? Bonus bonus... only 2 ingredients since you likely can’t go to the grocery store these days. The name of this game is “Oobleck.” 
  45. Puzzles. and puzzle again... and again. Katie Logan from SugarSpiceAndSparkle.com shares 8 ways to use and reuse the same puzzle.
  46. Put a long, straight piece of painters tape on the floor. Balance on it, jump over it. Pretend it’s a wall. Hurry put all the balls on this side of the tape. Quick quick! Move them to the other side. The tape can be ANYTHING.
  47. This one is good for kids 6-24 months IMHO. Put child in high chair. Use painters tape To tape down toys or cutlery or whatever toy can find that is kid friendly. DONE. They will spend lots of minutes trying to get these toys unstuck. Lots of minutes X 5 rounds = a whole lot of minutes! You might even be able to cook dinner!
  48. Get on the couch. The floor is now lava.
  49. Make a rainbow rock garden. 🌈 Go outside and search for rocks. Then bring the rocks home and give them a thorough bath using old rags, t shirts or dish sponges. Now paint! We are at the age where just 1 color per rock is plenty, but the kids can paint a new scene/design per rock or paint them one solid color. When all the solid colored rocks are put together, you can create a rainbow. Now go plant these beautiful rocks all over the neighborhood and you can go on walks to look for them... every day. Forever.
  50. Toy wash station. All those teeny tiny zoo animals? Yup, time for them to get a bath. Here is some inspo, but our set up was not nearly so cute. Anything goes in quarantine! Speaking of bath...
  51. Bath time! With a million water proof tiny toys.
  52. Draw a treasure map to a granola bar or special treat. Use very obvious clues in the map so the kiddo can really do it. I believe in you kids!!!
  53. Make a DIY Sewing Kit. And yes, this is kid friendly and approved!
  54. Feed the monster! Find a big box, cut a hole about 5” wide, draw a face so RAWRRRRR the monster comes to life. Have the kids fill up the box with anything that will fit. Repeat using tongs from the kitchen. No hands!!! 
  55. Make homemade popcorn. This deserved a post in itself because honestly there are so many options. Pop popcorn kernels on the stove in your biggest pot possible with coconut oil and butter. Then “decorate” with whatever sounds yummy. Melted butter, duh. Melted chocolate, yum. Chipotle seasoning with melted brown sugar and butter, MY FAVE!
  56. Learn the rainbow with water play! Get red, yellow and blue food coloring and 3 clear cups. Take turns making orange, green and purple by mixing tinted water and then just let them go to town. Tip : use a baking sheet to contain the mess.  - TOP 5 AWARD! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 
  57. Rainbow color truck creation! No idea what to call this but Sara demonstrates perfectly here. Basically get non toxic paint and drive the kiddos little vehicles through to make secondary colors. 
  58. More colors... this one is more of a surprise. Super fun!!! We shall call this Mystery Colors! Compliments of @Thishappynanny on Instagram. 
  59. Nature walk! Literally go outside and walk. That’s it.
  60. Scavenger hunt! This can be inside or outside. Make a list (or picture list) of a few things and go on the hunt.
  61. Print off a map of your neighborhood from google maps and draw a route. Show your kiddo how to navigate! Or just pretend and go on a walk anyway. Just stay away from people. 
  62. DIY Popsicle drop is a great way to practice color as well as pincher skills. You’ll be getting amazon boxes delivered anyway... might as well use them! 
  63. Role play!! Take food out of your pantry and pretend you are shopping at the grocery store. Take turns being customer and cashier and also pretend to be mommy and baby and some guy named Frank or Gerald. 
  64. Examine cereal boxes....Look at the box and talk about all the labels and look at the letters. Pretty much when you were a bored 6 year old growing up having breakfast. And then popcorn boxes and chip bags and milk cartons... and basically any box you have in your house.
  65. Let your kids “paint their clubhouse” by putting them in a box (naked or in trash clothes) with some paint in a cup and a paintbrush. Let them go to town. It’s their clubhouse... how will they decorate it? Also, please put a towel or tarp down. 
  66. Get every single kids book (or all books if you are brave) and let the kids organize by size. Of course in the process you can go ahead and do the much needed purging of damaged or no longer needed books.
  67. Do a workout together. Literally any workout. Just adapt to kiddo! Need weights? Guess what, you have the perfect 15-45 pound weight right there!
  68. Make paper puppets together. 
  69. Pool noodle play X 50 ideas! Legit this is a great list from Play Mommy Blog.
  70. Play with buttons! Or any small colorful objects around your house. Compliments of Toddler At Play
  71. Ice Age Bin is especially fun if it’s warm outside to cool down the kiddos. Who cares if they get a little wet? They are learning!
  72. Science Time!!!! This Bouncy Egg science experiment is so cool that I'm going to do it for me and pretend its for the kids. 
  73. Are you down with the science experiments? Heres another compliments of Mom Brite! I know you have heard of milk, but have you heard of Magic Milk??? 
  74. More science! This time a STEM activity in the form of a Popsicle stick catapult. Yup. It really is as awesome as it sounds.
  75. If you have whipped cream on hand and don’t care about ruining your make up (uhhh who wears make up in quarantine?) These family friendly and relatively non-messy games on amazon are for you! Pie Face or Pie Face Cannon ⬅️ My 3 year old is a big fan!
  76. Make Rainbow Toast - yummy and fun!!
  77. Go outside and write positive messages on the sidewalks with chalk! Here is some inspo  If you’re kids are too little (like mine), just let them color around your message to make it even cuter!
  78. Hang out with one of our fave authors Mo Willems on youtube. Who is he? Only one of the best authors ever. Here are some of his books on Amazon according to book theme. WaitingBusload pigeons
  79. Sometimes screen time is not only necessary for YOUR sanity, it can be good for the kids too. Here's some engaging websites you might consider compliments of Phrased LLC.
  80. Ok, not into websites? How about apps? Here are the Best Educational Apps according to Vegan Family Travels
  81. If you made it this far.... well done! You beat me! I intend to fill this out to 100 activities (heck maybe 200 depending on how long this quarantine holds). In the meantime, read on for other blogs with awesome lists or maybe your mommy soul needs a little attention too. Read on soldier, read on.

So when you have filled up the kids cups and you finally have a moment for your own cup... here’s some wine for you too. 😘

How to stay calm amidst a crisis from  Leslie W Blog
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Mom & Son Bonding Ideas from cenduparam.com

And if you are still looking for activities with kids, here are some MORE activity lists!

21 Ways to play with your kids - Compliments of Sandbox Academy
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