My last month of pregnancy. Ever.

I’m 36 Weeks Pregnant... for the last time. Our family is soon to be complete. This is it.

How are we already here? How is it possible that nearly 9 months have gone by this quickly? 

Soon, I will never be pregnant again.  
I will never feel my baby wiggle, kick, or hiccup from the inside. 
I will never have the uncertainty of impending birth or my water breaking at any moment. 
I will never daydream for hours over what our child will look like and if he will have his daddy’s chin. 
I will never again know the longing to meet someone that’s already been with me every moment for 9 months. 

Every once in a while, anticipation of meeting our precious baby gets the best of me and all I want to do is fast forward a couple weeks to the big event. Thankfully, my amazing and patient husband always finds a way to bring me back to the present and focus on the now. During my first pregnancy he said...
You will never be as close to our baby as you are right now.
Cue waterworks. 😭

I am overwhelmed daily with gratitude for this pregnancy and this child growing inside of me. I refuse to let these moments pass without recognizing them for how truly incredible they really are. Our family will be complete in a few short weeks. In the mean time, I’m going to cherish each and every precious moment with this big ole belly and these amazing little kicks inside of me. 

Meet you soon baby brother.

Cheers to motherhood and all its ups and downs. Now I’m going to try and get a few consecutive hours of sleep because I know sometime soon it will be fleeting. 


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