18 Weeks Pregnant: The wiggles have started, but so have the toots.

I am officially 18 weeks pregnant with baby #2. The joy that comes with carrying a little baby in your belly is surreal. I've recently felt baby brother move around a little (I think!?). My bump is starting to form.... It's beginning to look more like a little baby bump instead of the big burrito I had at lunch. We know the gender and have started a list of adorable baby names.

Life is good. Feeling great. Pregnancy is great. Buuuuut, there are a few things that I conveniently did not write in my pregnancy journal from my first pregnancy. 😳
  1. Dreams. The dreams are so weird. Last night I dreamt my mom (who is still married to my dad) bought a Porsche and ran off with my husband. Hello Jerry Springer episode 504. I don't know about you, but dreams, good or bad, screw with me for the first hour I'm awake so when my husband kissed me goodbye, I was still a little salty from my dream. Not cool mom, not cool.
  2. Food. Both cravings and aversions are so so odd. I am typically all about the fruits and veggies and strive to be dairy free for lactose-intolerance and belly issues. Nowadays? Well, according to my pregnant body, veggies are bad, while carbs, dairy, and sugar are LIFE. All fetus wants is pizza, cereal, or a grilled cheese sandwich. And you know when you refer to something so much it gets its own acronym, its become a staple in your home. For us, it's CTC or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I literally wake up and think about CTC. I could eat it every meal. And sometimes I do. It’s for the baaaaby. Sometimes I make a nice salad and top it off with CTC for some crouton crunch. What... is that weird?
  3. Hormones. Good or bad... they are in full force. Good thing I have a very loving toddler running around because if I ask my husband  “why do you love me?” Any more than 3x a week I think he might go mad. I needed constant attention prior to getting pregnant so I’m a bit over-the-top-needy right now. But my toddler is giving me ALL THE KISSES, so we are surviving.
  4. Memory loss. I know people say pregnancy brain is not real, but I am a certified blogger so my opinion is legit... and I say pregnancy brain is real. And maybe that's just an excuse to get me off the hook for forgetting what the word "toast" was for a solid 3 days. I will say that I’m loving my Apple Watch right now though - I’m getting at least 2,000 extra steps a day from just walking from one room to another and not remembering why I was going there in the first place.
  5. BOOBS. Where in the heck did these things come from? I personally don’t know how to handle them. I like my little baby (slightly saggy) B/C cups. How do people deal with these DDD’s on a daily? Running is tough, even if it’s just a quick sprint to the mailbox in a robe. Jumping jacks? HA! I’d knock myself flat out if I tried those right now. I’ll be honest, they are rather perky 🍊🍊 and that is feeling surgically awesome, but finding clothes is tough! I would like to distinguish these ginormous boobs from what is becoming a ginormous belly, but unless it’s Holly Madison tight, I just end up looking like Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka. Very big and very round. 
  6. Flatulence. Does it get any more sexy calling it by its scientific name? I wish... 💥💨💨
Good news is that its not all weird or negative things about pregnancy that I conveniently forgot.

I forgot about the wonderful wiggles in my belly and how completely surreal and amazing it it.

I forgot the sweet hormonal surge of love I feel for my husband. How could I get so so lucky?

I forgot about the overwhelming confidence. You don’t worry about a pooch or a belly when you are pregnant. You get to wear the tightest things (and sometimes have to) and still feel ridiculously beautiful.

I forgot about the zero-guilt naps. I think I’m taking the advice to nap when baby naps more seriously than when I had a newborn. Thank goodness my toddler is an excellent napper!

As with most parental situations, the positives outweigh the negatives, but I am still grateful that pregnancy has a limited time frame. Almost halfway mommas!!!! Then you can stop tooting on your husband and blaming it on the fetus.


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