Moonlight Milkies: Volume II

Good day to you! Here is your next installment of moonlight milkies. Sometimes it’s nice to zone out and look at pretty things, interesting things, and pretty interesting things.

How to raise a female engineer Fun fact: I’m a mechanical engineer by degree. I don’t have daughters, but I loved this insight into encouraging a STEM (or I prefer STEAM) attitude from childhood. 

Mexican Chopped Salad I’m all about new recipes and this one is simple and fun and totally happened at my house this past weekend. YUMMM 

Speaking of Chopped Salads... This handy helper makes the painstaking cutting process a breeze! I do it one handed with a baby on one hip. 

 10 Things about raising little boys  Alright so we talked about daughters that I don’t have... now it’s time to discuss the little boys that I do have.

 90 year old can do the splits 😲 Ok serious old lady goals right here - stop and ogle and then start stretching.

9 Things that are grossing out your guests We love having people over. Hopefully people like to COME OVER as well. Here are 9 reasons why they may not want to come back. 🤞 

Old Navy Try On coming in HOT! I absolutely loved 10 of the 12 things I brought home. Links below for my faves. I'm a size 10 and M/L and these pieces fit me great. 

Well that about does it for this weeks #MoonlightMilkies round up! If you have anything around the gram or web that you have found interesting, send it my way! 🤓


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