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Quarantine Pampering

Quarantine Pampering : Here are a few things I am loving in quarantine that I never made time for before. (Thank you old Fab Fit Fun and Birch Box subscriptions for the inspo) I love myself. Most of the time I show my love to my family more than I do myself. Tell me if this sounds familiar... are you willing to forego yet another shower to make sure your children are happy, healthy, and well fed. (overacheiver!) After days of being in the same house, likely the same clothes, and therefore living in my own stink without the fresh breeze of playground air to blame it on the passing dog, I am needing some pampering. We all deserve a little me-time and now is just the time to indulge. So I am taking care of myself. Hopefully, we all are. I’m finding myself during quarantine and lemme tell you... I am awesome. Teeth whitener  - I keep these in my fridge and bust out 1-2 every few months when I feel like my teeth have a “I binged on coffee” look to them. I.e. now! They come in a pac

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