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Gift Guide according to the 5 Love Languages

Gift Guide according to the 5 Love Languages P.S. Some of these links are commissionable. It means a lot for you to shop through them so I can keep doin my thing and make this happen more often. Thanks for helpin’ a sister out!! 💋  Note about each love language before we dive in.... Words of Affirmation: One of my top love languages! But, alas... My husband is short on words so I try and find opportunities for all of us to express ourselves in our own way when we, correction... when I, need my love tank filled up. Find a way to speak to your loved ones in a way they can hear you. My husband's is not with words. Quality Time: Time, along with WOA, is my love language. Time "together" watching a show and scrolling social media is not quality time. You have to actually be fully there . Totally not judging because my husband and I do this way too often ourselves. Hard habit to quit. So let's redraft how we think about QT as shared experiences. Experiences are big! They a

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