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Ryan’s Birth Story

Ryan was due on Halloween. This was my second pregnancy, both being conceived with IVF so we knew exactly when he was conceived and when he would be due. Thankfully, he was not conceived 1 day later because my OBGYN, who I credit with keeping Weston safe during his very scary delivery 1 year earlier, was retiring from obstetrics and no longer accepting OB patients due on or after Nov 1. 😅  We loved our doctor. So much so that when my husband got a job opportunity that was going to move our family to Denver 3 months before my due date, I stayed back in Oklahoma. So in August 2018, Toby moved up to get started at his new gig, but still came back almost every weekend to OKC  until the week Ry was born. The plan was for me to live in and sell our current home and once the new baby was born we would drive up to Colorado. Sounds easy…😅 Fortunately, I was not lonely or bored. 18 month old Weston stayed with me to help mama sell the house.  In hindsight, I can’t believe this was our plan. I

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