Hawaii... with a toddler

Yay family vacay!!

11 hours there, 11 hours back... other than that, relaxation here I come!! 

First up is the 11 hour flight from OKC➡️LAX➡️HNL.
We only had a 43 minute layover at LAX so we decided to check the car seat (first time!!!🤞) in this amazing Car Seat Bag and forego my amazing Uppababy stroller and buy an umbrella stroller once we got there. Good thing there was a Target 10 min from our hotel... we went 4 times!

The airplane ride was it’s own battle. I go through in depth flight prep in another post. I took this situation SERIOUSLY...

Once we arrived, we ordered an Uber (first time with a car seat and it was SOOO EASY!!) and headed to the hotel.

We had 7 days of beach and family fun ahead of us. The rest of the family (my parents and my sister, her hubby and 8 month old Rory) arrived later that day and it was a hug-filled lovely reunion.

Sunday : Relax at the hotel - amazing kids pool with sand and everything. Weston loved it!! 

Monday - Dole Plantation day!!! We went and enjoyed the famous Dole Whip and ventured out onto the train for a quick tour. 

Doesn’t this look like it’s in front of a green screen?

Yes, my son is on a leash. He LOVES IT.... and he still touches everything. 

Next up, we headed straight to the North Shore. In hindsight it may have been too much in one day for the little kids. 😬 

We found a nice little beach with some shade up by a little stone wall. It was gorgeous!!! I think without the kiddos we may have driven around a bit more, but like I said... it may have been a bit much already so they were ready to get out of the car.

Sisters fam is so stinking cute. Rory Bear !!!!

My happy guy LOVES the sand.

This full length swimsuit was a DREAM in Hawaii. SPF proof and everything. It minimized how much sunscreen we had to put on him every day which was so so great. It even had a hood, but we opted for his fisherman’s hat most of the time instead.
Full body Swimsuit (Weston wears 18-24mo now, but he still wore 12-18 in this suit with plenty of room for growth all summer long.)
Fisherman's Hat (2T-4T sizing for Weston's noggin)
Swim Shoes (size was spot on. If you are in between sizes, size down.

The day was done and the kids were even more done.

Once we got back to our hotel, we put the kiddos down for sleep and Toby and I snuck off for a date night under the stars!! We met with a NASA scientist who brought his amazing telescope. We got to peak at the moon, Venus, another galaxy, double stars, etc. it was truly incredible.

This photo was taken with my cell phone held up to the viewing lens. WHATTTT!

Tuesday - hotel fun! And a quick wander over to the ocean for some swimming fun.

Wednesday - Sister and I snuck off to downtown Honolulu for a very important mission: pastries and spam cakes. Yup, 🤢. But she loooves them. Apparently I’m not a foodie enough... but I blame it on the pregnancy!

Hawaii 5-0 anyone?
Next up we travel to a nearby lagoon to hang with some monk seals and swim in the ocean.

Weston wasn’t feeling super so we took a break and just cuddled and napped. It truly felt like paradise for me... until we realized how bad he was feeling....

Then we went to Urgent Care.

Turns out his allergies turned sinus infection turned cough had all turned into an ear infection. This kiddo had never had antibiotics (and I was planning on keeping it that way) but with travel and an unfamiliar bed leading to poor sleep, our big guy just couldn’t fight it off without a little medical help. 🤕🤒🤧
I think being in Hawaii made our decision to move forward with antibiotics a little easier. We knew that we had 3 days of vacation and then 2 flights and 11 hours of traveling in front of us. If we were home, we may have tried to rest and recoup and let his body fight it a bit more, but with air travel, we couldn’t risk it becoming even worse. Plus, poor guy was so lethargic. I would do anything to take away his pains. More thoughts on caring for sick babies in another post HERE.

Thursday - Weston immediately felt better with the antibiotics!!!! Sooo sooo happy. Good and bad from there... Weston isn’t so great with cabin fever so he immediately wanted to go out and play. After two doses of meds and no fever for 24 hours, We decided best option would be to lay low and play in the sand at the pool downstairs. He would just sit and play on his own and keep his heart rate low. Successful day! He was a little trooper.

Sunscreen for our pale little fella. We used the Babyganics Sunscreen Stick and it DOES NOT RUB IN... I prefer the tube and finger application instead now.

Fish are FRIENDS, not FOOD! Thanks Dory.... time to feed the Koi.

Rainbow snow cone for our big guy... ok it was for me.

Friday - last day in paradise for the whole family, but our Deen trio snuck in an extra day by taking the Redeye flight home. 

Back to the lagoon we go for some snorkeling. Good thing we did!!! We didn’t see a monk seal this time, but we got to swim with sea turtles!!!

After the lagoon, we settled in for kiddo naps and got dressed for our last night all together. Cheers to Niecey’s 60th birthday!!

Whatcha gonna order there Weston?

Gangs all here!!
Saturday - Weston didn’t want to let his best mate Rory and the rest of the fam leave.

After the rest of the crew hit the road, the Deen trio enjoyed one last day of relaxation before our long flight home. Fingers crossed his ears can make it across the ocean!!
Aloha second trimester baby bump, aloha Hawaii!!! 


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