My new mom uniform : Joggers!

Any other momma-shlubs out there? Not sure? Ok, if you answer yes to any of these questions, you might be a momma-shlub.

-Are you sick of pulling up ill-fitting jeans as if you’re a plumber gone wild with 2 small assistants? And by assistants, I mean tornadoes with finger paint and jelly stains.
-Are you sick of your sweatpants that are inevitably always dirty at the bottom? Spoiler... “boot cut” should never be used to describe sweat pants.
-Do you wear pajamas in public? Or better yet... does it LOOK like you are wearing pajamas? Tell me if you disagree, but I’m pretty sure looking like you are wearing pajamas in public stops being cute at the age of 5.

If you answered yes to any of these questions... you might need a very comfortable, yet stylish, mom wardrobe update.

Time to go shopping!

Each day this week I am going to be trying on at least 1 jogger or jogger outfit because momma needs some options! I have bigger thighs, a butt that needs attention, and will likely be wearing these for 4 days at a time, so they need to last.

Here is the criteria I’m working with as I narrow down the selection. 
  • Joggers. Full length pants that narrow at the ankle. Give me the feel of pajamas, the cleanliness of capris, and the put-togetherness of casual jeans.
  • Full booty underwear approved. 
  • Fitted to my body but not super tight. 
  • No muffin top or saddle bags. I.e. choose the right size.
  • Dark in color because... #kids.
So if you are clawing your way out of post-partum-ville join me in finding pants that make you look good and feel great. They will still allow you to chase tiny humans... just this time you won’t look homeless. 💁‍♀️

Monday - Target Haul

Tuesday - Vuori Haul - use code “industry2020” for 40% off! 
Vuori Black Performance Jogger | Vuori Fig Summit Woven Jogger

Wednesday - Old Navy Faves
Mid Rise Breath Joggers

Thursday - Walmart

Friday - no need to buy new things ALL the time. Here is a clothing shaver to breath new life into those old pilly joggers.
Clothes Shaver

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