Midnight Milkies : Volume III

Happy Monday!

Does your week occasionally become a bit monotonous? I may or may not have thought today was Tuesday for at least 4 hours. So, here are a few links to brighten your week.
Need a new Netflix rec? I got your back.
Want to be inspired and learn a little something something? I got you girl.
Interested in some amazon prime deliveries to look forward to? DONE.

Net. Flix. Holy moly... recently they have been on a role. I'm sleep deprived to a scary level and Netflix has somehow convinced me to stay up late to finish a series....3 times! You know that feeling when you are reading the last few chapters of a really good book? Or better yet, book series? Well, these 3 shows on Netflix right now have given me that familiar tense tummy. I was loving it all up until the last episode's credits. They all hinted for a season 2 and I am soooo hopeful we wont have to wait too long. Here they are... drum roll please. In no particular order...

No time like the present to elevate your conversation skills.
The difference between a snafu, a shitshow, and a clusterfuck The name of the article says it all. Incredibly interesting... and not I obviously am going to use these labels in my everyday conversations. 

Time for some SHOPPING! I personally own and endorse all of these products and bonus... some are on sale. No affiliate links below, but they are linked through Amazon Smile, which I encourage you all to use if you aren't already! 
Travel Make Up case - 30% off today!! This is a hard case that has adjustable slots. Fits everything perfectly and because of the hard shell I'm not worried about putting it in with my checked luggage. We all know that travel now includes children, who have confiscated all of my very precious carry on space for their precious snacks and toys.
Quit hunching over mommas! - This weird contraption helps keep your shoulders back. I originally bought it for my hubby Toby because the man hunches like he is 60, but I have ended up loving it for myself because of all the hours I spend nursing or playing at kids sized tables.
Best kids socks - WITH GRIPPERS! First off, I love these socks for the purpose of toddler safety. They have grippers on the bottom to keep my kiddo from slipping, because #clumsy. With our two wooden staircases, slippery socks could be a huge disaster. Secondly, they have a few different sets and they are all adorable! I have first hand experience with this: It's much easier to force a kid to put on socks if there are airplanes on them. 

Well that about does it for this weeks #MoonlightMilkies round up! If you have anything around the gram or web that you have found interesting, send it my way! 🤓


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