Cozumel.... The unexpectations trip

Cozumel in February... Sounds like a dream. Well it was, but portions definitely seemed like clips from a nightmare. Day by day below...

Friday, February 21... 8 hours before departure.
"Did you get our passports out of the safe deposit box?"
"No, did you?"
Then commenced 2 hours of vigorous conversations and dropped calls with chase bank and united airlines to no avail. Since the bank does not open until 9am, the earliest we can fly out is 10:40 accomodating for travel time and international bag check cut off time. We end up purchasing new airline tickets from American Airlines mere hours before departure.

Saturday, February 22
Let the vacay begin...
We arrive to a great dive hotel. Dive being appropriate for its usage in both dive as in "scuba dive" and dive as in "dive bar." Good news is, we were all inclusive! We unpack our gear and head down for a snack before the rest of the crew gets back from their 2-tank dive afternoon. We enjoy dinner and hit the hay... LONG DAY.

Sunday, February 23
Our BEST vacation day for this trip....

Wake up early to a beautiful dive day! 

After an hour boat ride we find Palancar Bricks dive spot and set up for our very first drift dive. Beautiful fish, nurse shark, lobster, turtles... Awesome!

After a 30 minute surface interval, Dive 2 was at a spot not too far from Dive 1 at Delilah. I HUNG OUT WITH A SEA TURTLE!!! Literally, we are buddies now. He even let me touch his butt!

Back to the hotel for lunch and a nap and then back in the water for a night dive. My light wasn't working, but we still got some great video out of the dive. Similar to land, in the ocean the predators come out at night. So we saw the larger fish with piercing color. We ended up coming up early because Toby has ear trouble and we didn't want to risk it. Being underwater that deep, if the conditions are not perfect, you surface immediately.

After dinner with the crew, Toby and I headed up to bed. 

That's when the trip turned from bad luck about the passports to even worse luck. Danielle gets food poisoning and is up all night every 30 minutes calling dinosaurs. Toby was quite the trooper and took great care of her.

Monday, February 24 - the uneventful day
Danielle stayed in bed all day (literally I was on my feet 4 times amd less than 60 second ls the whole day). Toby stayed back from scuba for his ear issues and got some well deserved rest from the sleepless night. He also made 2 trips to the store for pedialyte and crackers. I love being married.

That night while Danielle slept, Toby went to dinner in Cozumel with the group. He learned what "dirty monkeys" and "sexy coffees" were. Both complicated and delicious drinks.

Tuesday, February 25
Head home!!!


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