Houston gets its first freeze in years.....

Well, the title says it all, but we went anyway! It was a blistery cold weekend to start off, but that didn't stop us from drinking in excess and enjoying the weekend. P.S. Cold weathwer makes for some BEAUTIFUL sunsets! See below for PROOF.

We had been planning this trip for months. Kelly Dickerman, one of my best friends, was kind enough to let us come and stay with her and her family at their Galveston beach house. Crew for the weekend included toby & myself joining Kelly's parents: Ken & Charlotte, Kelly's sister Kimberly & her BF Duh-wayne and of course Kelly & her BF Tanner.
Kelly & Tanner  picked us up from the airport on Friday around lunch and we had a round of dos-exxuis-ritas at a Mexican restaurant and then headed to the coast. Of course we made  pit-stop at the local liquor store to stock up for the weekend. Wine, whiskey, and margaritas seemed to be filling up our agendas real quick.

That night we stayed in, played games and just enjoyed great company.

We planned on going fishing early saturday morning, but with an 8 degree wind chill and a really mean hangover, we all decided to play it safe and stay inside. However, the sun warmed us up by late afternoon so we had a shrimp boil. YUMM. 

After a full day of day-drinking and wide-whiskey eyes, some of the group headed to the local bar. Kimberly and I danced foolishly and then Toby & I attempted a game of shuffleboard. Kenny & Tanner beat our butts.... close game though! On the way home (via golf gart) we took a detour to the beach and took a sneak peak at the stars. Note to self: Learn astronomy... its fascinating and can be used as a great party trick.

The next morning we all bundled up and headed to the boat. we were bound and determined to make this "fishing weekend" a success. FAIL. We had fun, but no fish wanted to hang out with us. Literally, we did not even SEE one fish in the water. I'm thinking they all had hangovers too and just stayed in bed.... smart fishies.

Love, Mrs. Danielle Deen


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