Ryan’s Birth Story

Ryan was due on Halloween. This was my second pregnancy, both being conceived with IVF so we knew exactly when he was conceived and when he would be due. Thankfully, he was not conceived 1 day later because my OBGYN, who I credit with keeping Weston safe during his very scary delivery 1 year earlier, was retiring from obstetrics and no longer accepting OB patients due on or after Nov 1. ๐Ÿ˜… 

We loved our doctor. So much so that when my husband got a job opportunity that was going to move our family to Denver 3 months before my due date, I stayed back in Oklahoma. So in August 2018, Toby moved up to get started at his new gig, but still came back almost every weekend to OKC  until the week Ry was born. The plan was for me to live in and sell our current home and once the new baby was born we would drive up to Colorado. Sounds easy…๐Ÿ˜… Fortunately, I was not lonely or bored. 18 month old Weston stayed with me to help mama sell the house. 

In hindsight, I can’t believe this was our plan. In the moment it felt like the moat stable option for our family. I mean of course I didn’t want to switch doctors in the 3rd trimester. Seemed like an unnecessary stress… but the world likes to keep us on our toes sometimes.

To sell a house, your house must be clean. I have an 18 month old. We kept 3 toys and packed everything else away. We spent our days out on adventures and spent very little time at home. My mindset towards minimal toys was sculpted in those few months for the better… but that’s a story for another day.

Ok, let’s fast forward to the week of his due date. Because we had an urgent C-Section with Weston, we proceeded with a planned C-Section for baby number 2. I was a VBAC myself so I knew that was an option, but given all the factors from my previous birth and the situation we were in with moving, this was the best decision for us at the time.

Ryan’s due date was Halloween and I needed to pick a day in my 39th week + my birthday was April 27 = let’s have him on my half birthday October 27! ๐ŸŽ‰ Turns out that day was a Saturday, but my doctor being the nicest human being and celebrating possibly her last planned C-Section ever… she agreed that was the perfect day for us to have a baby. 

And then the week of his birthday came. On Tuesday I knew in my gut something big was going on when I came in for my weekly appt. and my doctor wasn’t there. In my 5 years of going to her, years of infertility, 2 pregnancies, she has never missed an appointment. 

I got the call later that day…. Ok fine. I called the office to check on my doctor because I’m impatient and 39 weeks pregnant and worried. Either way, a call was made and now I knew. My doctor had an emergency appendectomy on Tuesday morning. She was doing well, but they expected a 3 week recovery. I realize there are bigger things in the world going on, but in my small bubble of a world that I had protected from chaos up until this point, I broke. If you have been a part of or seen a C-Section, you know that it takes quite a bit of strength to physically pull a baby out of someone’s stomach through a 4” incision. The whole reason for Weston and I staying in Oklahoma and being separated from Toby for 3 months was this woman. This wonderful doctor who I implicitly trusted with my life and the life of my unborn baby.

After many unnecessary tears, I met with another doctor who would be able to deliver my sweet Ry. Turns out she was a recent mother as well and actually was in Fit4Mom with me. Immediately my nerves were calmed and I moved on with the new plan. Disappointed because of how difficult we made this whole thing by staying back in Oklahoma all for it to change, but soothed that we were making the best of the situation. 

Come Saturday morning… birthday morning! … guess who shows up? MY APPENDIX FREE DOCTOR. She came. Not only that, she was still going to run lead on my surgery with the new doctor I met with earlier that week as her right hand. THIS was what I stayed back for. This loving, selfless doctor who I still trust with our lives. 

9AM - operating table for super awkward numb legs spread on a table for 5000 students to watch.
9:04AM - Ryan and all of his 8lb 13oz body were freed from my 4” incision with no issues. He was VERY blue. Like smurf blue. But he cried for a few minutes and calmed as soon as mommy got to kiss him. 
9:30AM - organs put back in my body and all the layers sewn
10AM - time to meet your family!

We are allowed to check out of the hospital a day early because we were all doing so well. Then after packing up our entire house into a trailer (don’t forget about my surgery… I was not doing myself any favors) and a quick jaundice check in the morning, on October 31st we drove up to Colorado to begin our new life as a family of 4. 

Happy Halloween!!! You live in Denver now!

All this to say, no matter how much we plan, things are going to happen out of our control. 

I look forward to Ryan reading this story one day. I truly think his funny & sunny personality was a result of the stress pot his mom was the week he was born. He knew I needed some sunshine in my life and he gifted it himself. 

I love you Ryan. You are my little firecracker I always wished for. Brightest of all my eggs. Even the fertility doctor knew we only needed to put in 1 egg with you. You were so so strong from the beginning. All my love to my silly and strong Ryan. Thank you for brightening our lives every day.


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  3. I can attest to the unplanned. I went through fertility treatments to have my #2 baby. Knew I was going to have another C-section so we were scheduled for 12/31. Who knew that my water would break and I would go into labor the morning of 12/23 lol. Still had the C-section but it was chaos lol


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