Gift Guide according to the 5 Love Languages

Gift Guide according to the 5 Love Languages

P.S. Some of these links are commissionable. It means a lot for you to shop through them so I can keep doin my thing and make this happen more often. Thanks for helpin’ a sister out!! 💋 

Note about each love language before we dive in....

Words of Affirmation: One of my top love languages! But, alas... My husband is short on words so I try and find opportunities for all of us to express ourselves in our own way when we, correction... when I, need my love tank filled up. Find a way to speak to your loved ones in a way they can hear you. My husband's is not with words.

Quality Time: Time, along with WOA, is my love language. Time "together" watching a show and scrolling social media is not quality time. You have to actually be fully there. Totally not judging because my husband and I do this way too often ourselves. Hard habit to quit. So let's redraft how we think about QT as shared experiences. Experiences are big! They are memories with loved ones that can't be replaced. Even though we are home more than ever right now, try and create experiences for quality time whenever possible. This shows in the suggestions below.

Receiving Gifts: Even a minimalist mindset has to remain practical during a pandemic. 2 young kids at home... send help! Sometimes we need (want) "stuff" to make the long days inside a little more lovely. This category has been reserved for plain out gluttonous gifts. You totally don't need these, but its nice to feel indulgent every once in a while. 

Acts of Service: This is my husbands love language but I am totally still learning. However, we have been married almost 8 years now and he still loves me so I'm not failing completely. As for kids... well the gift of me as their mother is act of service enough. They have a personal chef, chauffeur, maid. So for this Act of Service gift is setting them up for success moving forward. You know, after I have retired as their personal chef, chauffeur, and maid. It may sound silly to be a gift for them, but their ability to transform their own space on their own terms is a huge win of happiness for everyone!

Physical Touch: When I was writing this guide, I could not remember the touch love language even though that is one of my top 3 languages. I kept thinking personal touch instead of physical touch and then it hit me that this year in particular touch is more personal than ever. Pretty much the only people I have touched all year have been in my little bubble other than the very alarming accidental hand graze when snagging groceries. Oh dear universe im sawryyyy. For this guide, I leaned into this touch being more personal than ever and the gifts below will show just how personal touches can be. wink.

Alright... lets GO!

GG for Me or My Gal Pals- This is my own personal wish list or things I already own tried and true. 

Words of Affirmation: Pop Up Card My hubs got this for me a few years ago and it’s still my favorite card. 

Quality Time: Give the gift of time to yourself. New Balance shoes (top 12 choices, I own 6 of them!) | Long Sleeve Workout Crop Top (but actually really cute and not short) | $25 Dupe Leggings... with pockets | Timed Water Bottle (the big one) | Double Jogger stroller (This one is my fave. This jogger has changed my life for the better.)

Receiving Gifts: Simple jewelry. Three of these rings with my 3 favorite people's birthstones. Swoon. Dainty Rings

Acts of Service: Make cleaning the beast a little easier for yourself so you can spend more time napping. Home items I'm drooling over right now:  Dyson V11 | Roomba  (the exact version I've had for 2 years) | Portable Upholstery Cleaner - its just a Bissel.

Physical Touch: I have to include this. At this point, everyone has a portable foot massager that works like poo. we go... Penguin Vibrator you're welcome.

GG for My Husband- My husband wants for nothing. So everything on his list is practical & usable.

Words of Affirmation: Annual Photo Book - I'm still playing catch up om past years, but plan to make a photo book of all of our years together. Who prints pictures anymore? THIS will speak to him.

Quality Time: Fancy Latte machine (my exact model!) | Backgammon | Deck of Cards 

Receiving Gifts: Car Safety Thing w/ strap!  Both practical & usable. I'm wife of the year. Thank you for this suggestion @LaurenLeahNel

Acts of Service:  Home Chef meal delivery box. They have oven-ready meal so we can all have more family time! 

Physical Touch: SAXX Undies You know.. a cozy spot for his bits. 

GG for Monsters Kids - My boys are 2 & 4, but this should suffice as a basic "young kids" guide. 

Words of Affirmation:  Q & A a day for Kids | Memory Storage Box Build them together and let the kids "decorate" and then fill with all their keepsakes for the year. 

Quality Time: Magnet Tiles. This is my favorite level of "imaginative play" because I don't have to be the bad guy.

Receiving Gifts: This is expensive... but one of my kids faves! Good for some many things Versatile Kids Mat

Acts of Service: LEGO storage | Toy Storage (add labels!) | 

Physical Touch: My kids are totally texture kids. Gimme all the softies and snugglies. Cozy PJs (we love Old Navy's 2-piece sets!) | Bamboo Undies | Cozy blanket for all the snuggles | Cozy sheets because they just feel nice!

So that’s that. Have fun with the penguin. 😉 

Love, Danielle


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