5 quick switches for the eco-friendly mom

You already cart a diaper bag around with you everywhere, might as well keep a few staple items in that not only make you more prepared for all situations, but also help reduce your footprint just a little bit. ❤️

1. Reusable water bottles. Find a water good bottle that your kiddo loves and make a BIG DEAL out of it. My 3 year old is the perfect age for hyping up something mundane and making him super jazzed about it. ZULU  has become our go to water bottle brand. Linked here to Amazon.
2. Reusable straws. Just think of the turtles and throw a itty bitty teeny tiny reusable straw in your pack. TIP : The worst is when you are out eating at a restaurant (pre-covid) and the waitress puts it on the table. Once it’s on the table, it’s in the trash. So I try and bring out my reusable straw and lay it on the table as soon as we sit down. THIS is my fave silicone straw because it folds up and stores in this cutie pack. THIS is my fave metal straw because it comes with long and short so it’s easy for small cups. 
3. Reusable packets. This one is surprisingly easy! You don’t even need to make your own food if you aren’t up to that. Weston adores Apple sauce so if we are pressed for time, get a big jar of “the sauce” and fill up each pack and throw them in the fridge. BAM! Not only is this WAY cheaper, it’s an easy swap that won’t screw up your routine. We will put a couple in the freezer the night before a zoo trip and they are perfectly thawed for lunch time snackies. Plus helps keep the other lunch items slightly chilled in the scorching sun! I love THIS SET because it’s a variety of animal prints so I always know which one to grab. Others I’ve found are all the exact same pouch. Borrrringgggg
4. Reusable snack bags. While on the topic of food... these bags are super fun! Much more durable for my very excitable (and strong) 18 month old. “Me want snacks and me will tear open things to find them.” THESE are my fave canvas type bags. One is a snack bag and the other is sandwich sized. Loveeeee the metal zipper. Easy for mom, fun for kid. THESE are my favorite otherwise. Great price and have a variety of big and small and colors so you always know who’s bag is who's. And with brothers, you know how important that is. 
5. Reusable produce bags. I know what you’re thinking... why would I put these in my diaper bag? Well, to separate snacks and spare clothes and diapers and ALL THE THINGS! And for those inevitable moments when you need to have a spare baggy for whatever rock collection your child HAS TO take home from the park that day. Instead of keeping a stash of plastic baggies (you know you do it), have these handy and bam, you’re saving the world. THESE are my fave! Again... color variety 

The name of the game is reusable. Yes, there are other things like reusable diapers and wet wash cloths instead of wipes... but those things may not fit everyone’s lifsetyle. I actually have reusable diapers that we will dabble in when we are home bound for a while, but we travel so often that disposable just makes more sense for us as a family. Advice that was stuck with me as I was started my “I’m starting to care about this world I live in” journey was to start making every day changes and those add up to big changes. Being conscious of the items you buy that are wrapped in plastic, or bagging a single apple, or using 184 bags when you check out at Walmart... maybe there’s a better way?

Namaste mommas. It’s the little things. Your kiddos are watching! Show them the way. ❤️🌎


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