5 beauty products to immediately make your life better

Who has walked into Sephora with hopes of cultivating a DIY makeup kit to help you look gorgeous (but without trying too hard, obvi), only to become immediately overwhelmed at the sheer quantity of choices. Not only choices within a specific product line, but the quantity of product lines themselves!! Yup, me too. Well, there are a few key products that everyone old enough to technically* be a grandma should consider adding to their regimen. 

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Recently, I was introduced to a few new product lines that I had never before needed as a tight skinned, fresh faced 22 year old. Well, now I'm 32 and looking at the 22 year olds' wondering what their beauty routines are... Everything all perky and taut. Those were the days.

 Extreme lip moisture - Autumn is my favorite season, but unfortunately for my face, the cold air chaps my lips. This year I was able to bypass the issue before the cold fronts rolled in with my new fave lip balm by Cel MD. Beyond working like a charm and quickly making my lips super soft, you can use it all over. So any dry spots or ashy elbows can be hooked up too. Use code PROTECT30 for an extra 30% off! 

Concealer - I always considered concealer to be coverup for pimples and I was never a talent at that. Then I had kids and slept a mere 3 hours a night for 9 months straight and the bags under my eyes became big enough for groceries. I didnt know how much those bags aged me until a place that was supposed to card anyone under 40 didnt card me. Whomp whomp... concealer time and bam! I was 39 again. haha. This one is my fave because how long the tube has lasted, plus the consistency of the liquid. It blends nicely into my skin even though I am wearing a waaaay too light for my actual skin tone so I can cover up the navy blue bags under my eyes. 

Concealer powder - I truly did not know this was a thing. This powdery soft substance seals in the thick concealer so when you blink or touch your eye for whatever reason, your mascara flakes just disappear as opposed to sticking to your under eyes like little pepper stowaways. The only brand I have tried is Kat Von D and I have no complaints. I’ve applied it with both my finger and a brush and I prefer my finger so I can tap tap tap it’s way to perfection. 

Microfiber wash cloths - These are so useful I gave them out as gifts to my bridesmaids! This super soft and absorbing little towel is sweet and gentle to your aging face and works like a CHARM against those hard to get smudges. If I washed half of my face with a regular washcloth and half with these, hands down these microfiber cloths will do a better job. I found these on QVC and annually replace them because of their very accessible price point. OR just rotate through the colors one at a time and switch out each season.

Face Primer - Plain and simple, this is a step I LOVE. It makes my face feel so super duper dewy. Fun fact, face primer is most effective if you put it on and let it breath for 10 minutes before applying foundation, concealer, or powder. You're welcome.

You know how some say people are ride or die coffee fiends where others just dabble in a Starbucks only on the weekends? That’s how these products go once you discover them. You are either in or out... I am all in!

Tell me, what are some of your fave products?


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