Midnight Milkies : Volume IV

Happy Friday!☀️

What is currently ‘Midnight Milkies’ is getting a rebrand friends! Now that Ryan is sleep trained, I no longer have the blessing (or curse) of being up all night feeding the baby and scanning websites for entertaining blog posts or steamy sales. However... I still love those things and feel they need to be shared, don't you? Just not at Midnight... AND I have enough brain power to over ride my #mombrain functionality to get these pushed out possibly more often than my son is willing to eat his broccoli. WIN! New name coming next week!

So.. here we go! A few fun categories to entertain through the weekend ☀️

FUN FACT : Labor Day + wearing white... where do you stand on this controversial subject? I’m pro-white all year round. But I also have children so I’m pro-pattern-to-hide-the-stains more than anything. Check out where the tradition of not wearing white came from and if that tradition still stands today. Wearing White After Labor Day

KITCHEN SMARTS : The warmth of summer is starting to dissipate (or so a girl can dream). With that comes a different meal agenda... i.e. put away the swimsuits, bring on the carbs! This list of tips and tricks for pasta is legit! Worth the read AND incorporating it into your routine. Some are common sense, but I never really knew WHY. Love learning more about my kitchen!! 13 Pasta Cooking Tricks

NETFLIX : If you watch my Instagram stories, you know that I am a total binger. This week "The 100" has taken hold of my evening viewing hours and I don't hate it... I give it a solid 5/10. If I was to sit down and literally watch every second of the screen like I did for Game of Thrones, this would be a bit juvenile. But for entertainment factor while I'm doing other things, not bad! I honestly don't know if I will make it through all 6 seasons.... its a bit daunting for the pace we are already at in Season 2. Plus, Workin' Moms Season 3 just came out soooo I have better things to do. 

AMAZON FINDS - When we first received this race track set 2 months ago, I wasn’t sure if it would captivate my kid for longer than an hour or so. I was SO wrong. We literally play with this for about an hour every day. I usually have to limit how long we play with it just so my toddler will LET ME leave the house. Worth the investment! Plus, you can mix and match different sets and grow your collection. It’s like magnetic legos of the future... Picasso Tiles Race Track Set 

INSPIRATION : Confession... some days I don't talk to another adult. For real. I needed this article and maybe you do too. To the stay-at-home mom wondering if her degree matters

SHOPPING : Some Bedding Faves from Wayfair's Labor Day Sale that make me want to redecorate.
Acosta Reversible Quilt - The most perfect accent quilt to complete the end of any bed. Such a simple design -  timeless!
Erion Comforter Set - If you are brave enough to go for white... this one is for you.
Briaroaks Reversible Quilt Set - This design makes me want to have a little girl so badly... but will likely end up in our guest room as a friendly pop of color.
Kumail Floral Sheet Set - Want to keep the room neutral, but surprise your guests (or your hubby) with a little design? Check these out.... also an option if you are not a laundry pro and want to hide wine or chocolate stain.
Thijmen Botanical Leaves Lightweight Reversible Quilt Set - This subtle pattern would hide grubby little finger mark like a charm, but still leaves a polished bed. SOLD.
Wayfair Basics 4" Memory Foam Mattress Topper - We are ordering this one...have to. 85% off and our bed is nearing 8 years old and has been through 2 pregnancies... I NEED THIS. If it helps get my current bed to make it another year, its worth it!
Elliott Knit Blanket - This is DREAMY. I want to get one for each of my family members and friends for Christmas. Perfect gift! And I may or may not be keeping 1 (or 3) for myself. It is the PERFECT size and I love all 4 of the colors it is offered in.

If you find anything around the gram or web interesting, send it my way! 🤓


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