Who are your grandparents?

My kids are incredibly lucky. They have 6 GREAT grandparents and 4 grandparents that are alive and thriving. It’s not always easy to visit in person, but we try to see their great grandparents every year and their grandparents every few months. In between visits, we rely heavily on FaceTime to stay connected. 


It’s important to us to maintain those relationships at a level deeper than just the annual birthday card and Christmas call. We talk about everything from their own childhoods to what they have going on this week and they have a genuine interest in watching their great grandchildren grow up. 


Every time we call we talk of the typical niceties but I try to include some new topic about current culture or their past so I can learn more about them. I want to know their opinions. I want to know who they are. 


I know our time with grandparents and great grandparents might be short and I want to be able to know who they are on a deeper level so I can remember them for their soul, for their heart, for who they really are as people. It’s extraordinary to understand your family at a level beyond just their title. Yes, they are your grandparent, but they are also a mother themselves or maybe a Democrat or a housewife or talented gardener. I encourage you to find how you relate to relatives beyond just bloodline. 


Do you have someone in your life that you have not reached out to in a while? Today is the day, make the call. FaceTime them. Write them a letter. Send them a picture. Make a video and say hello or happy birthday. Take the time to reach out and get to know your own family. You won’t regret it... and if you do regret it, well I guess that’s a good story for your own grandkids one day.



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