Celebrating Stages : 2 months old

My sweet baby boy is 2 months old.

I’m currently on day 6 of dry shampoo and have slept in only 2 hour stretches for 62 days now. I’m a mess. But it’s beautiful. Yes, I look forward to the day I can sleep 8 hours without leaking milk all over the bed. I look forward to feeling comfortable leaving my newborn with grandparents or a sitter so I can have one-on-one time with my husband again. I look forward to wanting sex again, but right now I am way too tired. I look forward to having a clean house again... but that may be a few more years. 

All of these things will happen eventually, but you know what will also happen eventually? My baby won’t cozy into my chest because eventually he will learn to use those neck muscles and want to see the world. My baby won’t fall asleep while breastfeeding because now he wants the bottle. My baby won’t smidge his little face up when he is gassy because eventually he will learn how to use those lungs and by golly... he will use them. My baby won’t poop non-smelly poops because now they are gross big boy food blowouts. 😆

There is always something to look forward to, but there are also things you will miss. Stay in the moment and soak it all in. Take the pictures. BE IN the pictures. Remember these moments. This too shall pass. The good with the bad.


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