Let’s go for Baby #2!

Today we went to the doctor to get serious about baby #2. Which doctor you ask? Reproductive medicine is the official name, but I call it the infertility doctor, the why won’t my uterus work doctor, the put a baby in me doctor. Last round we conceived Weston in our first round of IVF, in vitro fertilization. Hoping we get that lucky this time around because we are skipping all the other shenanigans and going straight to what worked last time.

Round 1:
January 2015- start trying for baby, but have a nagging feeling it will be tough.
June 2015 - talk to OBGYN about trying to get pregnant and no success  and start getting blood work to check thyroid, etc. - all normal
July 2015 - test hubbys sperm - normal
September 2015 - surgery to check for endometriosis - NONE. Normal.
October 2015 - schedule meeting with infertility doctor. First opening January 4, 2016
October-December 2015 - Clomid medicine
January 2016 - Meet Dr. Craig and make a plan
February 2016 - IUI
March 2016 - uterus surgery to remove polyp
April 2016 - begin IVF
May 5, 2016 - positive pregnancy test!!!!!
January 2017 - baby Weston is born!!!!

Round 2:
January 2018 - begin IVF
February 2018 - positive pregnancy test 🤞🤞🤞

Doesn’t round 2 seem a lot easier? In theory, yes. But what if it doesn’t work? BE GONE negative thoughts! It’s going to work. 

With not only the threat of it not working hanging heavy on my heart, I also have to deal with the emotional and physical turmoil that is about to commence. “Begin IVF” sounds so easy. But that in itself is hundreds of shots, dozens of doctor appointments, several vials of blood to be drawn, my legs in stirrups too many times to count. The shots is actually the easiest part for me. The stirrups is the worst. 

Why put myself, my family, through all of this again? For my family. This is my path to getting a family, so this is what we must go through together. 

I have to wash away any guilt over the financial strain, emotional stress or overwhelming time commitment for this process. Our family plan is for me to live in La La Land of stress free bliss and happiness. 

I’m being open this time about our experience because last time I was so secretive that it wrecked me. This time I know what to expect so when people ask me questions (totally allowed!) I actually know how to answer. First time, I just burst in to tears. I had no idea what to expect . I had no idea what was going to happen. I, myself, was questioning everything. How was I supposed to answer them? 

This time, I may not know the outcome, but I know what to expect on the way. 

So wish us luck and send us good thoughts. We are a strong family unit, but it’s still a tough time. Worth it!!!


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