Baby Bro or Baby Sis

We are pregnant!

Funnily enough, the number one question we get is... did you get to choose the gender with IVF? The answer is no. Although allowed in other states, I’m not sure if it is allowed in Oklahoma. And our doctor is strictly against it anyway. Plus, I don’t know if I have the emotional fortitude for that....

Second question we get the most is... do you want it to be a boy or a girl? My answer is always HEALTHY! I'll be honest.... once it actually seemed like my dream was coming true and a real life baby is really truly forming in my belly, I didn't care about anything but helping him/her survive by staying calm and positive and healthy myself. And really, all I want and think about is not miscarrying for the next 8 weeks so I can survive the first trimester. So morbid, but terrifyingly true. It’s exciting to wonder about the gender, but it almost doesn’t feel safe to get my heart set on anything quite yet.

That being said.... what gender did I want our little baby fetus to be?
If this little smidge decided he or she was healthy and strong enough to be a full grown human one day, how would that look in our world?

#TeamGirl - picture perfect family right there with the older boy and younger girl and parents smiling happily alongside. That does sound pretty nice! But then you have to worry about the burden of older brother feeling the need to protect little sister and little sister feeling like she needs to rebel.... yikes.

#TeamBoy - brothers! How special. Especially being only 21 months apart. Automatic best buds for life. But what if this is our last baby (it is.) and we never get to experience the wonderful world of having a daughter? I want to be able to do the bows and I want to take pictures of dance recitals and wear matching dresses. ahhh. 😍

So either way, there is something incredibly exciting ahead. Whether it is a boy or a girl, blonde or brunette, shy or outgoing... No matter what we plan for I’m sure the plan will change. This little baby fetus is going to throw us curveballs no matter which genitalia they have. I know he or she is going to be fearless with their decisions and strong beyond gender roles. Now I just can’t wait to learn a little bit more about them.


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