Berlin, the last stop... Or was it?

The final stop on our Spring 2015 European Journey was Berlin, Germany.

Day 14 - Thursday, March 26: We arrived to the airport and again.... No customs. Toby has zero record of ever being in Sweden - very odd. Perhaps we will get a stamp for Germany on our way out? 

The airport is a little odd. A)we walked out of our gate and were immediately out of the airport... Like some random exit. B)There are several airports scattered about the city, but that goes back to during the Cold War era when Berlin was separated into 4 occupations. This post may turn into a little bit of a history lesson.... Due mainly to the fact that this portion of the trip turned into one. I'll get into the Cold War era as well as a little Hitler history later on.

First stop after taking public transport to our hotel - lunch! P.S. I think we have saved $500+ on taking public transport to and from the airport in all of these cities. Totally worth it to do your research before getting to the airport!

We stayed at a little apartment hotel called Andina near Hacherschet Markt. It was the perfect location and the hotel was modern and beautiful! So glad we stayed here- props to Toby on his great choice! Due to this prime location, we needn't go far for an authentic German meal in Hacherschet Markt. Schnitzel and Currywurst anyone? And obviously some German booze and coffee.

After this we headed to the TV Tower which gave you a panoramic view of the city as well as some small details about the history of each sector. I realized I knew very little about Berlin and the struggles it has been through.... So we acted like mega-tourists instead. "That way is my house!"

After this we headed to central Berlin to check out some sights, but we soon settled on doing a walking tour the next morning so that we could try and get the biggest bang in history, sights, and stories for our short time in Berlin.
This is the hotel that Michael Jackson held his son Blanket over the balcony and nearly dropped him!! 

Day 15 - Friday, March 27: We did a walking tour of "Historical Berlin" and it was AWESOME. We learned about Hitlers hold on Germany, but even moreso about the Cold War, Berlin Wall and DDR. Highly suggest going to Berlin if you get the opportunity.
Jewish Memorial
Brandenburg Gate
Checkpoint Charlie Sign
Berlin Wall
Topography of Terror
Museum Island
Berlin Wall Trail

Day 16 - Saturday, March 28: Time to go home!!! Or is it???
We made it to Amsterdam, but our flight on to the USA was canceled!!!!!! 😳

Bonus - Day 17 - Sunday, March 29: After an evening out in Amsterdam and an early morning bus to the airport... I have no idea how, but we managed to stay awake all the way to Minneapolis in the hopes of getting to OKC at a reasonable hour for a good night sleep in our own bed. You see, I had a 6am flight the next morning and Toby was driving to Texas... We needed our sleep! However, our wish was not granted.... We got home with enough time to shower, repack and get 3 hrs of sleep before heading back to the airport... Coffee please!

Regardless of the tiring ending... This was an AMAZING ADVENTURE!! 


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