Thailand - August 2014

Lucky us! Danielle traveled to Bangkok, Thailand for a conference for work. Thus, Toby took a jump over the pond and we tacked in a few days of fun to the trip.

Day 1 - Thursday, August 21: Danielle flies out of OKC and stops in San Fran and Tokyo before landing late night in Bangkok.

Day 2 - Friday, August 22: travel day.... Arrived to bangkok at 10:55pm and braved a taxi. 450 baht (~$15) gets you a 45 min cabride to the heart of downtown. This exchange rate is working in our favor!

Day 3 - Saturday, August 23: After making sure my booth is ready to go, but can't be set up until Sunday, I head out for a Thailand adventure.

I take the BTS sky rail (Bangkok's above ground subway) and head to the Mo Chit stop which I have been advised is a fun place to shop because the Chatachuk Weekend Market was there. Boy were they right! 

There was a literally square mile full of crammed shops and shoppers. Selling everything from souvenirs to clothing to food to puppies to massages. It was a gold mine for interesting artifacts and cheap goodies.

That night I got the most expensive massage if my trip. A 3 hour full body massage, scrub and facial for about $90. Yes....$90.... Most expensive massage!

After my massage, I head to the mall attached to my hotel and go see The Fault In Our Stars at the movie theater. GREAT movie, HORRIBLE popcorn.

Day 4 - Sunday, August 24: 
I head back to Chatachuk Market for round 2 of shopping and sightseeing. I get my second massage: 1 hour foot and shoulder rubdown for about $8.

Afterward, work begins. I get the booth set up and make sure everything is ready for the weeks activities.

Later, movie time! I head back to the theater and go see Guardians of the Galaxy. I did not think this movie would be all that great, but low and behold... I loved it! Groot is my favorite.

Day 5 - Monday, August 25: 
The conference begins! I make new friends and hopefully gain business for Ulterra. These lovely ladies seen in the picture here are called "pretties"... Literally that's what it says I their business cards. They are hired help to stand at the booths wearing whatever outfit is given to them. Some conservative to fake that they are actual employees and some rather riskay to attract the mass popoluation of raunchy men in the Oil and Gas industry. 
Toby's brother Aron arrives late night into Bangkok. Let the party begin!

Day 6 - Tuesday, August 26: After a full day at the conference, there is a closing ceremony full of apps and cocktails. Mid-drink at around 9:45, Aron and I realize we are in BANGKOK and we want a massage so we head over to the taxi station and go to a massage parlor. We pay $20 and get THE BEST 2hr massage ever. Dream come true: she walked on my back!!!!!

Day 7 - Wednesday, August 27: The real reason we are in Bangkok? Work. Toby's brother Aron presented at the APDT conference. He did a great job!! Out of 4 presenters, Aron's content and presenting skills clearly shined above the rest.
Now that work is through... Time to play. On to Nana's Plaza!! (Apparently the place to go in Bangkok).
This place is full of debauchery. Booze, bars, boobies and ladyboys. What are ladyboys you ask? Well they are ladies, who used to be boys, but still kept their boy parts too.... Ladyboys! They dominate Thailand and are considered the 3rd gender for the country. It is the most prevelant plastic surgery. You don't see many girls with boob jobs, but you see lots of ladyboys!

After an eye-opening experience, we head home and meet with TOBY! He has finally arrived.

Day 8 - Thursday, August 28:
After an early breakfast, we take a river cruise through the canals of Bangkok.

We then headed over to a massage parlor. Toby was in love... But also a little scared. The Thai are a STRONG people. 

Afterward, we did the 2nd fitting for Toby and Aron's custom made suits and headed babk to the hotel for a nap.

After nap time, we headed to the rooftop for drinks!! Look at that view! (Sorry my heads in the way)

Day 9 - Friday, August 29:

Day 10 - Saturday, August 30:

Day 11 - Sunday, August 31:

Day 12 - Monday, September 1: It's Labor Day! And finally the day we head home AND make it home. Although we have 24 hours of traveling, we leave at 7am and arrive in OKC at 7pm. Gotta love a favorable time change.

Day 13 - Tuesday, September 2: well.... Due to customs we missed our connection in Washington so we were forced to stay the night. Now our travels take us to Houston for a quick layover and then finally OKC. This makes our "Total Travel Time" coming home to be 51 hours. 😳


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