Milwaukee - GO BUCKS!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin.... Cheese, beer tours, Udoh merchandise and Bucks vs Heat basketball made this a success.

This trip was the first Team Deenaker extravaganza. Toby/Danielle + Chance/Stacy = automatic good time. Chance grew up with Ekpe Udoh, #5 for Milwaukee Bucks. He hooked us up majorly for the trip! 

Day 1 - Friday, March 28: early flight out let us have a full day of fun in Milwaukee. After dropping bags at the hotel, we headed out to check out the city. We quickly stumbled upon Mo's Irish Pub at happy hour so we had to stop in for a pint.... Or a mixed drink for Chance.

Next we made our way to the LakeFront Brewery for a tour. Our tour guide was hilarious! Small business charm mixed with great product and lots of customers makes for a great day. We learned a lot... What does yeast do? Eat, eat, sex, poo!

Now that we had our buzz on we went back to the hotel for dinner plans with Ekpe. We dined at Carnivore... Meat lovers paradise. My medium rare filet was absolutely mouthwatering. 

Adding in wine at dinner to my beer and mixed drink filled belly made for a mysterious night when looking through pictures the next morning. College bar frat party? Check. Punching competition? Check. Swiping t-shirts from the back seat? Check. Late night cheese tasting? Check. Memories of what happened? Debatable.

Day 2 - Saturday, March 29: Public market here we come! It's pretty much a huge warehouse with shops and kitchens all crammed in really close. It was a tasty experience!

After the market, we walked around the third ward, in and out of shops until we just couldn't take being sober anymore and BAM...we walk into a brewery. With winning on the brain, Stacy challenged the table to a "who can drink a flight fastest?" 

Chance: 47 seconds
Stacy: 62 seconds
Toby: 69 seconds
Danielle: 600 seconds
I didn't do too well on this one.... I lost so I was buying drinks at the b-ball game.

Significantly more hammered and sleepy, we made our way back to the hotel for a nap and refresh before the 7:30pm tip off.

Before the game, we pregamed across the street at Goldsby. What a place! It was packed with Bucks, Wisconsin and Heat fans... Quite the mix of red.

We all got Milwaukee shirts and got Epke's name and number on them.

Ekpe ended up playing a lot! He got 2 points and played 22 minutes!! Proud fans!! 
After the game we headed to an Italian restaurant to break bread with Ekpe. 

Late game time--> later dinner time--> late late drinking time. A few drinks in the lobby did us in. Somehow we still managed to shut it down and stay til 3. How does that happen?

Day 3 - Sunday, March 30: let's go home!! 


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