Breckenridge, Colorado with a big ole group

Toby and I traveled to Breckenridge, Colorado to go snowboarding and skiing. We had reached out to all our friends back in August in hopes of a large group going with us. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a response so we just ended up making plans with our friends Abby & Mark Ballard. Abby's parents had a home in Breck so they just invited us to stay with them. WINNER WINNER. The home was beautiful, the company was awesome and the food was delicious. We were just a short bus route from the slopes and even closer to downtown for shopping, food and happy hour. GAMECHANGER: Matt, Courtney, Chance, Stacy, Kyle, Courtney's bro Dalton & fiance Amy, and Stacy's bro Stevie and girlfriend Brooke all decide to head to Colorado and rent a house together. GAMECHANGER: Josh & Tara come too and rent a hotel room across the street! Turns out we had a solid group of friends that made the weekend even that much better.

Details of the trip, day by day.

Thursday, February 6, 2014
We had a complicated travel plan since Toby was working from Texas all week. With intense bad weather, we were very dependent on flights being on time. Toby was expected to arrive at 6:05pm and then he would throw his work luggage into the truck and we would head back into the airport for our 7:50pm departure. Small snafoo came when my truck broke down on the way to the airport.... thank goodness we live close to a great family! Walter and Brian picked me up and saved the day.

Once into the airport, we met up with Chance and Stacy who were on our flight and began the long weekend of drinking in excess. We arrived in Denver. waited about 2 hrs total to get our rental car and then headed to Breckenridge. we arrived shortly after midnight, dropped off the Hardakers and headed to the where we were staying. Abby's parents were nice enough to let us stay at their place even before they all arrived on Friday.

Friday, February 7, 2014
We had a lazy morning waiting for our equipment to get delivered. Yes, thats right DELIVERED. We ordered our boots and boards and poles in advance and told them our sizes and they brought them right to us. Once we were all suited up, we walked to the bus station and headed to the lift. We got a couple runs under our belt (it felt AWESOME!!!) and then the rest of the group joined us. Toby is a whiz on the snowboard. No fear. Me however? It took me a little while to warm up.

Towards the end of the day, majority of the group was ready for drinks and food, but me & Toby along with Kyle and Tara headed over the the medium size terrain park. Although te jumps are a lot of fun, apparently the steep incline on the side it where it gets dicey. I ended up tweaking my left knee and being in the downward dog/pizza position for a solid 4 minutes trying to remove my ski from the hazardous position. Due to being on a different peak and half way down a run, we had to finish 2 additional runs before I was able to get off my skis and let my knee rest. Ouchie!

That night we headed over to the house that Matt & Courtney rented for the group. We ate dinner, watched the olympics, and played games.... and obviously drank a lot. After I consumed a bottle of wine, we wnt back to Abby's parents place and waited for the rest of the group to arrive. I think I had half a bottle too much.... I was a little loopy. They arrived, we chatted, time for bed!

Saturday, February 8, 2014
Next morning Toby suited up and headed for Breck. Mark & Abby and their crew headed to Beaver Creek to ski with Mark's uncle and his family.Due to my knee ache, I headed to shop downtown Breck with the girls. It was HAT-DAY! I got 2 ADORABLE hats that one can only find in a town like Breckenridge. My hat-craze has officially been revitalized.

By noon the girls were ready for food and drinks so we headed to a place called Park & Main for a snack and drinks. GOOD CHOICE. It set us up for a great deal for Happy Hour at the same place later that day. If you have not had a pumpkin mule, I highly siggest it.

After dinner with our housemates, the young crew headed out to the bar for an epic night of mules and jenga. EPIC JENGA. It was Stacy & Danielle vs Courtney & Shelby. The huge blocks of wood nearly made it to the ceiling by the end of the game. We were just that good.

Sunday, February 9, 2014
Since it was our last day of skiing, I braved the slopes and suited up. So worth it! Toby started the day on the blacks and double blacks with the experienced crew, while I stayed steady on blues and repeated the Bonanza route (the slowest blue) just to make sure my knee could handle the twists and turns before I released the snow beats in me. Toby, Matt, Kyle and me met up later that morning and had a great time rounding around Peak 9 and filming some major jumps in the terrain park. I'm SO proud of Toby. He gave a 180degree spin a shot on one of the jumps. His face hurt for a while after that due to a pretty fierce fall, but it was definitely worth a shot!

That night we took it easy and stayed in to celebrate Mark's birthday. We packed and readied ourselves for the early airport trip we expected the next morning. With unexpeced road closures, we didnt take any chances and planned to get on the road by 6am for our 10:45am flight out.

Morning, February 10, 2014
All was good. We made our flight! Now here is for the travel complication, round 2. Toby was flying to OKC, but I was continuing my flight on to Dallas for a work event. No time for the weery. It's all about a year of a adventure!


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