Deen Edition: Ending 2013 in the right way....

Toby & Danielle are heading to Orlando, Florida to embark on a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas. The cruise is from December 22 to December 26 and they can't wait to celebrate Christmas as a family of 2 while they still can! WOO HOO!!
We made it to Orlando. So far so good... There is a Christmas tree in the lobby of our hotel and its surrounded by palm trees. Great combo!!!
Now it's time to head to Port Canaveral where the Carnival Sensation will be waiting for us to board. The boat is 855 feet in length and holds 2056 passengers and 920 crew members. We will be traveling to The Bahamas with a stop in Freeport and Nassau. Christmas Day we will be at sea all day. Hope Santa can find our boat!!
Well, we found our room amd our drinks!! We are in Riviera 241 and its awesome!! Last one on the hall so we have extra privacy!! (Giggity) As I'm making this update, we are sipping LITs and Mai Tais and enjoying sunshine. Anxious to have our safety briefing and get this cruise underway. We took a tour of the spa, signed up for some massages (seaweed anyone?) and entered to win $500 spa credit. Wish us luck!!

Well we didn't win any free MONEY, but we won ART!! 3 stenography pieces. Beauties! 

Okay here is a quick summary of the trip...

Day 1: Load up! (See summary above)

Day 2: Freeport, Bahamas and Fancy Night at dinner. We took a group taxi to Taino Beach and enjoyed a few hours of sand and sea. Then after a delightful afternoon nap, we got dressed up and headed to Fancy Night at dinner where we pounded 3 lobsters... Nom.

Day 3: Nassau, Bahamas... A.K.A. Atlantis! We opted out of doing an excursion and took a water taxi to Atlantis and took our own walking tour of the location. Lots of shops, a large casino and beautiful views! Then off to dinner and a double dose of comedian entertainment. Side note: Danielle dominated Toby in mini golf... Both in hole play and stroke play. (:

Day 4: Day at Sea- Christmas Day! For a Christmas treat, we got an afternoon couples massage. Other than that, it was a cool, windy lazy day. In the afternoon the boat "let it snow" in the grand atrium so it was a packed house. That night we saw an 80s tribute show before dinner and headed to the casino to finish off the trip with some gambling. Merry Christmas!

Day 5: Unload and head home. We had the Faster to the Fun pass so we got off the boat first, went through customs first, got the shuttle back to the airport first... And then waited for 6 hours for our flight. Oops. Good thing we were in Orlando with plenty to do(Harry potter gift shop and arcade) and had good company!!

We had a great last adventure in 2013 and look forward to the excitement 2014 is sure to bring!

-Toby and Danielle Deen


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